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Tutu helper app is very easy to remove, just like Installing Tutu Helper app vip all you need to do is just few taps. With the release of Yalu jailbreak, there are some new buzz in the jailbreak community but fact remains the same – No proper jailbreak with full cydia support and not all devices and versions of iOS are supported. With that being said Tutu Helper App is the only ray of hope for all of us who wants to use our devices to their full potential. Tutu Helper App is a free app to install various games and apps on your iOS device. You can check download tutu helper app for instructions to do so.


Tutu Helper lets you install all the apps that are not available in the app store due to one reason or another, you can install games that are no longer available and even customize your device to your heart content without risking your warrenty or messing up your devices using a jailbreak. If you face any error like Tutu Helper app vip profile install failed, you can get the fix in the link provided. As easy as it is to install Tutu helper app, its equally easy to remove it.

How to Delete Tutu Helper App :

Method 1 :

  • Goto Settings > General > Profile
  • Look for the installed profile of Tutu Helper App
  • Tap on Delete Profile
  • This will remove the profile as well as the Tutu Helper App from your device.

Method 2 :

  • When on your Homscreen, Tap and hold over the Tutu Helper App
  • When it starts to wiggle, tap on the Cross on top right corner of the icon
  • Now tap on Delete when asked for and you are done.

Some Reasons why you should Try Tutu helper App :

Out of all the reasons stated above there are some very important reasons why Tutu Helper App is better as compared to any other App installation app or even jailbreak. iOS Jailbreak do provide some serious OS level modifications but not all of us need that kind of sophistication. We just want a way to install and enjoy our favorite apps and games without any restrictions, which exactly what Tutu Helper App provides.

  • No Jailbreak Needed – Tutu Helper works out of the box.
  • Extremely Easy to Install and remove.
  • Easy to Use – Has inbuilt Search feature to search for the app you are looking for.
  • Doesn’t mess with Apple Warranty.
  • Regular Updates for fresh content.


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