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Tutu helper download App is the best among the long list of iOS and android app installers in the market. Tutu Helper download provides easy access to all your favorite apps without any jailbreak or root. Tutu Helper (About) can be used on any iOS Device without or without any jailbreak, which means anyone can use it. It is updated regularly with new and fresh content and has a quick search option to find what you are looking for quickly. It is basically a Cydia replacer of you don’t want to jailbreak your device. Installing Tutu Helper and tutuapp is fairly simple. Just follow the steps below to installed Tutu helper App on your device.

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Download Tutu Helper App Installer :

You can download and install Tutu Helper (About) App on your iOS device like iPhone and iPad in two different ways. Below are the two procedures follow the one you like.

Method 1 : Safari Download Tutu Helper App installation

  • Open your Safari browser and visit the link
  • Once the page loads up tap on the UP arrow ( On iPhone it will be in the middle and for iPad on top right corner)
  • When the options pops up tap on Add to Home Screen.
  • On the Add to home screen tap on Add on the top right corner.
  • Your Tutu Helper App will be added to your home screen.

Video : Watch the video below to see the steps in action.

Method 2 : Using iOS Configuration Profile for Tutu Helper App

  • Start Safari and visit this (link).
  • A page will pop up for the installation of Tutu Helper on your device. (Sometimes it will be showed as Verified and sometimes not, but you don’t to worry. We will show you how to remove it for any problem).
  • Tap on Install, and you will be prompted with a screen with profile details.
  • On top right corner tap on Install once again.
  • Enter your device passcode when asked for.
  • Now Install on the bottom for the final time and tap on Done.

You will have tutu helper app on your iPhone and iPad, just go to your homescreen to use it.

If the above two methods doesn’t work on your device, please follow the links below for a more specific tutorial on your device or iOS version.

Tutu Helper App Error Fix :

For most the above two methods are effective and working without any error but if your are having any problem you can follow the steps below for trusting the certificate.

  • Goto settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Look for Tutu helper App certificate and tap on Trust.
  • Tutu Helper Profile Installation Failed error, for this error please visit the link.

163 thoughts on “Download TuTu Helper

  1. I had tutu helper app (free) for about a week and then today all the apps stopped working. When trying to download again, it says cannot download at this time. I reinstalled tutu helper again and same issues. Nothing works. What can I do?

    1. If I download a new app, it will work. But the previous apps like Spotify and Instagram don’t work any more even when I re inatallled tutu helper

  2. All the apps I’ve downloaded have now crashed Im not sure what the problem is. I really love the app so it would be wonderful if you could fix it.

  3. So, I tried both methods and it keeps telling me to pay, I can’t use the free version, please help. (I deleted the old version properly)

  4. Working after i tried multiple times. Free Tutu, servers might be busy guys. The site loads into a store after hours, took me like few hours of trying in intervals. But worth it, Free everything.

    1. We are getting very good response from our readers, Please try again in a few mins. We are in a process of adding new servers to handle the traffic. Thank you.

  5. I download it but when it finishes I click it and it says can’t open file and I really wanna download Spotify Beta please tell me how to fix it

  6. can someone explain,why everytime i download app and games at tutuapp, its works. but in a few days it didnt, it said untrusted app,but i reinstall the,its not work,anyone??

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