Tutu Helper iOS 10.2.1

Tutu Helper iOS 10.2.1 is the best alternative to Cydia if you like to download and install custom apps and games on your phone or tablet. iOS 10 has been released by Apple a few months ago and just like always we eagerly wait for a jailbreak every time a new iOS version comes out. But looking back the last year or so jailbreaking is not in its best runtime, as soon as we near a possible release a new iOS breaks the market and it all goes back to where it started. Tutu Helper for iOS 10.2.1 download changed the complete scenario, means tutu helper [About] is a cydia alternative. Just like cydia provides us tweaks games and apps, tutu helper delivers the same without any jailbreak. All you have to do is download tutu helper on your iOS 10 device.

Image : Tutu Helper iOS 10.2.1


Tutu Helper App installer can be downloaded on your iOS 10.2.1 device using two different methods, both the methods are simple and straightforward. Just follow the tutorial below to install tutu helper iOS 10.2.1 on your device.

How to Download Tutu Helper on iOS 10.2.1 :

Method 1 : Safari Browser

  1. On your device start safari and go to this address tutuhelper.com
  2. Now wait for the mobile web page to fully load up. Now tap on the UP arrow key ( The UP arrow will on center bottom on iPhone and top right corner for iPad)
  3. On the Pop Up options, select Add to Home Screen
  4. Now tab on Add on the top right side.
  5. This will place the TuTu helper icon on your home screen ready for use.

Video : See this Video how to install Tutu Helper on iOS

Method 2 : Download Configuration Profile

  1. Open Safari browser and tap on this [ link ]
  2. A install profile window will pop up, tap on Install to download the configuration profile.
  3. Your device will prompt you to enter your passcode, tap in your passcode.
  4. Now you will see another permission window just tap on Install.
  5. In the settings window, tap on Install
  6. Now tap on Next and Install.
  7. Tap on Install once again and finally Done.
  8. Now you will be able to use Tutu Helper.

Fix for any Error with Tutu Helper Installation :

Tutu Helper is a well coded and designed app and our readers don’t face any errors downloading or installing it but in the rare cases if you do face any problem here are some possible solutions:

  • After Downloading apps and games they won’t run, in this situation go to Settings > General > Profile or Profile and device Management. Look for the tutu helper profile and tap on Trust, they will work now.
  • Tutu Profile Installation Failed,  This is a very common error but is not always related to the installer. Follow the link for fix.

We suggest you to give tutu helper a try, you will like it for you. For more updates join Us on Facebook.

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