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Tutu Helper for iOS 10 has been released and we can’t stop talking about it. Are you looking for easy way way to install apps and games on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 10, Tutu Helper App is the best option out there. Apple has given a tough time to jailbreak developers like Pangu and Taig with the release of iOS 10 its almost a year and we are still waiting for a proper release of jailbreak for iOS 10. But for the good news Tutu Helper App doesn’t need any jailbreak but do work on jailbroken devices as well. This regularly updated app with never let you get bored with popular titles like flappy bird, pokemon go among many others which are not available in app store any more. Tutu Helper App works on all devices and iOS version and now it is available for iOS 10 as well.

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Download Tutu Helper App on iOS 10 :

There are two ways to download and Install Tutu Helper App Vip on your iPhone or iPad. Given below are the methods.

Method 1 : Safari – Install Tutu Helper App Vip using Safari Browser

  • Fire up safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Visit the page tutuhelper.com and let the page fully load up.
  • When the page loads up tap on the up arrow button. (It will be either on the bottom or top right, depending on your device.)
  • Now tap on Add to Home Screen.
  • When the Add to Home window appear tap on Add.
  • Go to your Home Screen and you will have Tutu helper App Vip on your Device.

Video : This video will show you how to get Tutu Helper App vip using Safari browser

Method 2: Configuration Profile – Tutu helper app vip using configuration profile download

  • As earlier Start Safari on your device and visit this link
  • You will get a prompt asking permission to install Tutu Helper App Vip, tap on Install.
  • Now you will see profile info for Tutu Helper and tap on Install on top right. (You may see verified or unverified but it does’t matter, after all this is a helper app).
  • Now enter your passcode when asked for and tap on Install.
  • Follow the next steps like Confirmation and Install as required.

Close Safari and you will see Tutu Helper App Vip installed on your device.

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Tutu Helper iOS 10 Error Fixes :

Tutu Helper for iOS 10 has been recently released and while most of our users are having a smooth time with the app but some may face issues like the following, solutions are provided as well.

  • Tutu Helper Vip Profile installation Failed – Check the articles linked for solutions on how to fix a tutu helper profile installation failed error.
  • Tutu Helper app not working – If after installing Tutu Helper app you can’t run it, go to settings > General > Profile & Device Management. Look for Tutu Helper in the list and tap on Trust to enable all services of Tutu Helper.


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  1. How do i get tutuhelper for my iphone 6s i tried downloading it but I don’t understand and when i download to my home screen how do I download apps .

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