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Tutu Helper iOS 11 update is the most awaited after the release of iOS 11 by Apple last month. As you all know the jailbreak scene is on pause after the release of iOS 10 and there are no hope for a public jailbreak any time soon. Even though there are many jailbreak developers who are posting possible iOS 10 and iOS 11 Jailbreak on their respective social media account but non are practically ready for any release. But on the bright side Tutu Helper for iOS 11 works seamlessly with the latest iOS version and supports all iPhone versions as well.

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Tutu Helper is no doubt the best cydia alternative app installer on the market for a long time and with iOS 11 it doesn’t disappoint us at all. Just like the previous versions this latest version also comes packed with your favorite apps like Tutu Helper Spotify and Tutu Helper Pokemon Go.

How to Download Tutu Helper on iOS 11 :

Installing Tutu Helper iOS 11 is straight forward and takes just a few steps on your iPhone or iPad. There are two methods to get tutu helper on iOS 11 you may try one of the two methods.

Supported iOS 11 Versions :

  • iOS 11.1
  • iOS 11.1.x
  • iOS 11.2
  • iOS 11.3
  • iOS 11.3.1

Method 1 : Safari Browser

  • Start Safari browser on your iOS device like iPhone or iPad
  • Open the page tutuhelper.com and wait for it to load
  • Now Tap on the UP arrow key, it will on the bottom of your screen for iPhone and Top right corner for iPad
  • Tap on Add to Home Screen from the listed options
  • Now Tap on Add on the top right corner of that prompted window
  • Go to your Home screen to find Tutu Helper icon for iOS 11

Video: This Video will show you step by step to install Tutu Helper on iOS 11

Method 2: Using Configuration Profile

  • Open Safari and tap on this [ link ] tutuhelper-ios-11-profile-1
  • Press Install on the page
  • Now press on Install Profile on the settings page that pops up
  • Type in your Passcode and wait for the profile to load up
  • Tap on Install Tutu Helper for confirmation
  • Now again on settings app tap on Install > Next > Install
  • Tap on Done and you will have Tutu Helper iOS 11 on your iOS device.

How to Fix Tutu Helper Errors :

Once you have successfully installed Tutu Helper App on your iOS device using one of the above methods, some errors may pop up when you try to run the app for the first this. These are common errors and can be easily fixed, most of the problems occurs due to certificate trust issues. Follow the steps below to fix tutu helper app certificate error.

  • Open settings on your device, goto General > Profile and Device Management. Scroll down to Tutu Helper App certificate and tap on trust.
  • For Profile Installation Failed error, Visit the link to fix Tutu App Profile Problem.

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