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Tutuhelper iOS 14 has been around for a while with wide range of games and apps to download tutu helper for your iOS 14 device. Tutuhelper is one of the best alternative to jailbreaking iOS 14 and now that most of the bugs are fixed users are moving from jailbreak to tutu helper. On iOS 14 tutuapp allows you to download and install custom games and apps without the need of jailbreak. Tutu helper is available for all versions of iOS 14 including the latest iOS 14.4.2

Image : Tutuhelper iOS 14


Tutu helper iOS 14 can be installed in few simple steps. Just follow the steps listed below and you can have tutu helper on your iOS device.

How to download Tutuhelper on iOS 14 :

Tutu Helper iOS 14 installation can be done by two methods, follow the method you like. Our users have reported that if one method doesn’t work for them the other one do.

Supported iOS 14 Versions :

  • iOS 14
  • iOS  14.0.1
  • iOS 14.1
  • iOS 14.2
  • iOS 14.2.1
  • iOS 14.3
  • iOS 14.4
  • iOS 14.4.1
  • iOS 14.4.2
  • iOS 14.5
  • For other iOS version please visit tutu helper download page.

Method 1 : Install by using the Safari Browser

  • On your iOS device iPhone or iPad tap on the Safari browser icon
  • Visit the website tutuhelper.com and let the page load up
  • Tap on the UP arrow button on your screen, for iPhone it will be at the bottom and for iPad on top right corner
  • Now tap on Add to Home Screen
  • Tap on Add and you will have tutu helper on your iOS device

Video: This Video below will show you these steps in details on how to install tutu helper on iOS 14

Method 2: Using Tutu helper Vip QR code

  • Use your camera app to scan the QR code below
    tutu helper iOS 14
  • Once the Installation process begins, tap on Install Certificate
  • Tap on Install once again
  • Now tap on Install Profile
  • Enter your device passcode to continue
  • Tap on Install Tutu helper for iOS 14
  • Go to your home screen and you will find tutu helper vip

Tutu Helper for iOS 14 Error Fix :

Although tutuhelper iOS 14 can be installed and used without any error or problems but for those who could face some problem with the installation or while using the app here are some simple solutions.

  • Tutu helper iOS 14 not opening – Open your settings app and navigate to General > Profile and Device Management. Scroll down to the listing of tutuhelper for iOS 14 and tap on Trust to initiate the app.
  • For tutu helper profile installation failed error, go to the link provided.

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