Tutuhelper iOS 13.3

In January this year Apple released iOS 13.3.1, Tutuhelper iOS 13.3 has also been updated to support the latest operating system. Jailbreak like Checkra1n is available for iOS 13 but doesn’t support all the iOS devices, this is where apps like tutuapp with tutuhelper comes handy. Tutuhelper can be installed on my iOS devices even the newer iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro running on any iOS version.

Image : Tutuhelper iOS 13.3 Download


You can install customized games and apps on your device without any jailbreak.

How to Download Tutuhelper on iOS 13.3 :

You can get  tutu helper on your iPhone or iPad using one of the two methods below, if the first method doesn’t work try the second one. You can also reach us through the comments if you face any problem.

Update : iOS 13.3.1 added, if you are using an earlier version of iOS please check tutuhelper download page.

Method 1: Safari

  1. Tap on Safari on your device to open it.
  2. Navigate to the address tutuhelper.com
  3. when the website loads up, simply tap on the UP arrow key at the center for iPhone or on the top right corner on iPad.
  4. A list will pop up on your screen, tap on Add to Home Screen.
  5. In the following screen, Tap on Add.
  6. Safari Browser will automatically exit and Tutuhelper will be added on your home screen.

Video: Following video explains the steps to add tutuhelper on iOS 13.3

Method 2 : Mobile Configuration Profile for tutuhelper download

  1. Scan the QR code below to initiate the installation process
    tutu helper iOS 13.3
  2. This will prompt you to install tutuhelper profile on your iOS device, tap on install.
  3. Profile installation will require you to enter your passcode, enter when prompted.
  4. Tap on install after entering the passcode.
  5. Once again tap on install to verify.
  6. Now tap on next and install.
  7. Tap on install and finally Done.
  8. Tutuhelper app will be added to your device, you can launch it from your homescreen.

Tutuhelper installation problem or authentication error :

Although these installation processes doesn’t show any issues but if you face any installation error or authentication problem try the steps below:

  • For Profile related problems, check Profile Installation Failed
  • If downloaded apps don’t work then go to Settings > General > Profile and tap on Trust for Tutuhelper Profile listed there, All your downloaded apps will start working fine.

You can comment any other issues below and our team will do their best to resolve it. Tutu Helper has been very successful and popular with new apps and games added to the list daily.

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